Domestic Violence: The Other Side

Date: May 12, 2014
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The submission is a feature article featured on the first page of the features supplement. The article articulates the missing gap towards total eradication of domestic abuse and violence. The piece of work managed to shed more light on important issues previously overlooked in the drive towards eradication of domestic abuse and violence. The article contributed to the effort to halve gender based violence before the 2015 deadline.
Historically the campaign against domestic violence paid very little attention to the issue of domestic abuse and violence against men. Women were being viewed as the only victims of domestic violence which somehow reduces the impact of the fight against the problem. This article came as remedy to the situation through informing and educating people on the need to take men on board to win the war against domestic violence.
The article seeks to correct the injustices of labelling men as the only perpetrators and the crafting of policies and programmes that are biased towards women. It also presents possible ways of engaging men in the fight against domestic violence for a total elimination of the problem. It raises awareness on domestic violence and gives confidence to both males and females to speak out and not to suffer in silence.
The article takes to task policy makers and other stakeholders to conduct researches in a transparent way so as to come up with real solutions to the problem

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