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Date: July 3, 2015
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We have put in place Human Rights and Citizenship education programme in two phases, Basic and Advanced. In our organisation we also have several commissions which have been set up to make a specialisation in some fields of research.

What has this achieved?
The Human Rights and Citizenship education (HRE) have started in November 2013. Till today May 2015, we have come to the 7th batch of basic HRE and we are going to proceed to the 2nd batch of Advanced HRE. Since now, we have trained a number of 134 citizens in the basic HRE course and 25 citizens in the Advanced HRE course. It have to be noted that we only had one course of Advanced HRE and the next course will be held in 2015.
The basic HRE course is a 4 weeks course where people are given the possibility to know more about their human rights and also their responsibilities in response to those rights they possess and also their role as citizen of the Republic of Mauritius.

The Advanced HRE course is a 6 weeks course where the participants are given more in depth views of what human rights are all about. They get to know more about civil societies, about the law, about specific rights such as women rights, children rights, and rights of persons with disabilities. There are spokespersons which are more knowledgeable in the subject who come and teach about each and every subject.

Download : 21051_mainapplicationconstlegalrightsfanirisoa-razanatovo.docx

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