Eenhana Town Council walks the talk of Gender Equality

Date: April 9, 2014
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Before independence Eenhana was a settlement with no urban setup. The Town was first declared as settlement area in 1992 and later was proclaimed as a Town in 1999. At the beginning, Eenhana has less than 630 plots and has 3200 inhabitants with the staff complement of 22, 12 male and 10 female respectively.

Today Council has grown up to a staff compliment of 45 employee serving about 10 000.00 people, and the Town has more than 2700 plots of which 1800 are services plots, services with water sewerage, electricity, telecommunication services and other public amenities while the 613 plots are being services. Almost 2,400 people have accesses to basic services, though no official population survey was conducted to determine the exact number of male and female residents accessing to the basic services as alluded to.

As a regional Capital , Eenhana has experienced an infusion of public investment mainly in housing, offices and public building as result of Councilâ € ™ lobbying, marketing and promotion. The demand for residential plots remain high and good residential area have however been developed but we are still faced with the problem of un serviced land to be able to meet hosing demand.

Unemployment and in particular, youth unemployment is said to remain high. Eenhana continue to experience an influx of people in search of Jobs but business however is insufficient to provide these jobs.

The Challenge for Eenhana to attract additional investment continues, in particular in the light that the town has to compete with new emerging urban centre, the upcoming Kavango West Region.

Despite such challenges, much has been achieved through Council effort in its journey towards making Eenhana a top destination of excellent opportunities and cared environment for resident in Namibia.

Eenhana Build Together Housing Project is one of the success storieswhere Council made available Tulipamwe Suburb as a low cost housing suburb so that many of the Build Together Housing beneficiaries can be located land for housing development. Though the area lacked basic services at the initial stage, Council resolved to work towards construction and improvement of infrastructure in the area while pushing ahead with the Construction of Houses through the build together program.

In considering social developmental challenges facing the community, Council in 2009, has created a Mayoral Development Fund aiming at assisting the community for their social needs. Much has been donethrough the Mayoral Advancement Fund to assist community project with funding in order to realise their projects.

Council in the same vain received support and funding from role players/stakeholders(UNDP, FAO, REDCROSS and Ohangwena Regional Council) in supporting the Community projects realisation

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