Elisabeth Luanshya

Date: May 28, 2014
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I was elected as Councilor in 2011, 20th September. Shortly after that an incident happened in my ward which is a peri-urban with thatched houses. One house caught fire with three boys locked inside. I rushed inside by breaking the wall as the door was in flares, only to find corpses of the three boys. I was so devastated to an extent that I wailed uncontrollably. When I was composed I rang the police and the Member of Parliament. When the time came to pull the bodies out from the burnt house, everyone was afraid to go near then I realized that I had to take the front. I got to the fore front of pulling out the bodies wishing and hoping that tables had turned and would find them alive- however all was in vain, they were dead. Oh my God what I terrible sight to see. As usual the police took long to com. I was subjected to give statements since the grandmother of the boys was in so much confusion to say a thing. After that the area member of parliament was was so touched by the turn of events and bought blackest and iron sheets for the boyâ € ™s grandmother. Henceforth, as a leader in the ward I took it upon myself to mobilize the community to donate in kind anything a household can need and I lead by example in donating food staffs, clothing and other members followed suit. Later on I mobilized the community to mould burnt bricks and build a one roomed house for the old lady and I sourced funds for her to start a little business for sustaining herself. This woman came from Tanzania and the three boys were orphans from her late daughter. The incident really tore her apart that she could not cope with life in the same area. She left for Mufulira and she passed on there.

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