Empowering Women

Date: April 9, 2014
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Women in the area of traditional authority Dambe in Mchinji empowered economically through GEWE project where women in the area were given goat and somewhere trained on how they can do business.
Through the project boys and girls were also sent to vocation training centre in magomero to be trained on vocation skills.
Traditional authority Dambe is the area where cases of defilement is rampant where girls is affected by sexual abuses so by training women to be economically empowered will help the women in the area to be self-reliant.
So if women are self-reliance they will be able to make decision, so if they make decision they will be able to take responsibility to stop abuses which girls in the area are facing.
It was also noted that traditional authority Dambe divorce is also rampant where men left women without proper reason, so by working together with Men, Men will now understands that Divorce increases orphan hood in the area.
After writing the special report about gender balance a key to help to end girls sexual abuses in the area many men start realising that what their fellow men was doing was wrong.
The story also helps chiefs in the area to reliance of coming up with some bylaws that will help to end girls sexual abuses.
It also noted that even the parliamentary members in the area it seems she not aware about the situation happening in the area.
After the story aired the Member of Parliament for the area invited me to discuss what should be done on the matter I refer to meet the district social welfare to discuss the matter that it is why they come accept GEWE project to operate in the area.

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