Eswatini: Neliswa Dlamini

Date: December 9, 2020
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Mbabane Youth against HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence

Mbabane in-school youth had spelling B competition, poem writing, and debate. All of the above activities were about HIV/AIDS and GBV. We chose in-school youth because they are the ones who experience the most and are most likely to be peer pressured when making decisions, which leads them to poor decisions making. The main problem is peer pressure which leads to early sexual debuting or substance use. We investigated the relationship between early sexual debut and drug or substance use. We chose in-school because they are the ones who are at high risk of such behaviors so we are to give out information to them and let them know the consequences of engaging in drug or substance abuse and early sexual debut .

The ultimate goal is to educate teenagers about decision making as they are out there (hyper) and to explore a lot of thing which lead them to poor decision making because they do not know the outcomes yet. As they get educated, they will now be able to produce sound decisions and they are to empower others on what they have learned. This strategy was chosen because it will impact many teenagers as they are in school in their numbers which will result in many acquiring knowledge that will change their lives and that of others around them.


We have debates and poems sessions for in-school youth where each school is given a topic to work on as they express themselves which give us a clear picture of what they are facing we intermediate and discuss these issues they think are a problems to them and later educate on the right thing to do. As we also work around finding solution of the new issues that we were not aware of in their circle of life. On the debate we usually get new solutions of some of the issues brought forth knowledge is passed on to the floor at large .This activities keep the teenagers keen to learn new thing as this is one of the effective and interesting way of learning and they are the ones that play the important role making the feel responsible of their livelihood.


Most school are showed interest and joined our dialogues and debates making us reach many teenagers. we will continue to approach more schools to participate and make sure we deliver the best educational activities around the city. We still need to innovate our services and think of more other fruitful ways of sharing important information with young people in a way they can easily respond  to and make sure our activities  stand out among others.

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