Ezulwini: Fezile Nsibande

Date: December 9, 2020
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Hlatikhulu SRHR Programme

Gender Links had a workshop to educate us as Local Authority or Council on how to implement such good practices, all this took place in the end of 2018 then we as Hlatikhulu Town Board decided to implement it early 2019 and that was according to our work plans. Our main target population were the young adolescent school going girls. SRHR specialists were organised to deliver SRHR services. We have observed as a council that most of young adolescent girls at schools in our town do not attend school on their menstrual dates and  suffer due to that they come from different homes with different background. Our goal is to remove the negative mind among the young girls concerning menstrual health and cleanliness and to help them access sanitary pads at school. This will not only benefit the young adolescent young girls but it will also benefit boys who are playing role of being parents to their young sisters who are about to experience and those already experiencing menstruation.


Due to the fact that Hlatikhulu is not  a big town, our urban area only consists of four schools, two high schools and two primaries to be gathered together and receive the services from the specialists by supply of plenty of  sanitary pads.

Starting from Global, Continental, Nation and Local wise,  Government of eSwatini, Gender Links eSwatini and all the Gender Protocol Alliance Partners made all of this to happen, not only by financing as a major initiative to implement what has been implemented.


We were able to give out sanitary pads needed even though it was not of the required quantity. We distributed them equally and gave it to each school career guidance teacher to give all the needy young adolescents.

Due to that there are business owners around the town who supported our projects, and further pledged to make donations whenever we shout again. We still need to look for other donors to supply us with the sanitary pads.


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