Faith organisation fighting GBV

Date: May 23, 2015
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First of all I thank God that He has created and given tombon’andro to fulfill the mission and the duties which he performed. Thank you also Genderliks ??Gender organizations established to protect women and children whose human rights, because they never really slammed currently leads all pray for you, sir, mbahahatontosa In strictly and conscientiously obligations. In a sense it is true that the Holy Spirit counseled you to set up this organization, because they have gone over the top of the oppression of women and children today.
One of the reasons that causes too much family violence and drug abuse and smoking mahadomelona, ??because every single step is selling them. Special Account has been too much of a “bar” is reduced in view of not only the interests of the state in taxes, because when drunk mahadomelona the man without honor is to kill and oppress their wives and children. I do not know any human being has the right of women and children, who are created in his image, male and female, equal, even though they are still children (Genesis 1. 27). All very well to increase their efforts to know all the laws. One night the situation confirms it because he kills his wife, and when asked, she did answer boraingina:

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