Date: May 9, 2014
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Young Matâ € ™sekha (YM) through the Information and Education department (IE) is based in Berea Rural area as a non-profit-making organisation. It has been working on HIV and AIDS issues, education, food security and the care of orphans and vulnerable children. The organisation has trained about 30 community members, including young people, to disseminate information on HIV and AIDS related issues and sustainable food security to 12 villages. It has reached 782 people.
The group has promoted conservation agriculture in different community gatherings and in training. Sustainable agriculture refers to improved food production today and in the future. Conservation agriculture should be implemented urgently and protect natural resources for future use by our children and regardless of gender. The environment must be protected since it feeds us. Conventional tillage has cost us in soil productivity and our householdsâ € ™ food security. However, conservation agriculture gives us an opportunity to positively respond to gender and climate change impacts.
The organisation has been promoting conservation agriculture throughout its community gatherings to emphasise the mitigation of the impact of climate change so as to encourage farmers to adapt to these impacts to increase production.
The aim is to improve comprehensive food security in our community so as to ensure a sustainable future for women, youth and vulnerable children.

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