Gender Aware Media Coverage

Date: April 9, 2014
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Brief description of the item of work you submitted and motivation of why it is a good example of gender in media content – 300 words
The article is part of Gender links opinion and commentary. The piece of writing discusses how Polygamy is disempowering women and the stand of SADC Region countries over the practice. It also exposes what countries on are doing on the matter though they are signatories of some regional and international legal instruments to promote women. It exposes countries stands on polygamy and if they have conscience with the legal instruments. I t also exposes the hell women in the region are facing due to polygamy though countries are reluctant to ban some cultural practices.

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Gender aware media coverage

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The item of work I submitted is a radio documentary. It is a programme to do with sexual harassment happening in schools (from the teacher to the girl child ¬) versus the promotion of the girl child`s education and the 50-50 representation in decision making positions in line with the SADC protocol on Gender and Development article 11 and 12 respectively and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Goal 2 and 3 respectively. The programme revealed that sexual harassment is a reality in schools and that it has far reaching consequences if those in authority remain non-committal to deal with the malpractice and make the culprits face the teeth of the law. The programme found that, if the problem is left unchecked in schools, it is more likely that we would have a lot of school drop outs from the girl side and that this will make Malawi stuck on the way in as far as the realisation of the already highlighted MDGs which are also complimented in the SADC protocol on Gender and Development. I feel my programm is a good example of gender in media due to the fact that it has revealed to the girl child that sexual harassment is at present a crime punishable by law as provided for in the Gender Equality Act passed by the Malawi Parliament in 2012. â € œA fine of K1 million or in default serve a five year custodial jail sentencesâ € , Mrs Ngeyi Kanyongolo , a law lecturer at chancellor college. The programme has also enlighten the girl child that it is not good to tolerate nonsense from male teachers thus, the girl child has also a dignity to protect. The programme has also helped in the building of self esteem, assertiveness, confidence amongst girls and others. The programme has also brought some awareness to parents that there is need for a good communication between them and the children,due to the fact that the girl might be sexually harassed, but due to poor communication, the case may remain unreported.


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