Summit 2015:GHANZI District Council

Date: May 11, 2015
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Poverty Eradication committee comprised of representatives from Ghanzi catchment area, the committee helps the organization in preparation of national events specifically Pitso ’s. In 2014, the coalition staged a successful Pitso at Qabo It also helps in disseminating the information to their respective communities so as to ensure the communities utilize Government initiatives. So far some settlements are doing very well in terms of poverty eradication uptake citing Qabo as one of the best settlements with a lot of sustainable projects, it so because of the leader ’s involvement, commitment and understanding of concepts involved in the projects. Projects implemented are bakeries which the council has waived to supply local schools with bread of which the surplus is sold within the community. These bakeries are successfully run by women

Another successful initiative is the carpentry project which supplies the whole district with coffins and once more it has been wavered by the COE to supply for destitute beneficiaries burials.

Sewing Groups have also been awarded tenders to supply local groups with school uniforms within their respective localities.

One Welding group was engaged by Gender Affairs to construct kiosks for their beneficiaries and they were engaged by COE to install burglar doors in schools and at the bakery in Grootlagte.

The coalition has been active because the organization works closely with members and provides support in terms of transport and workshops.

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