Goromonzi Rural District Council commited to rural development and upgrading of centres

Date: June 13, 2014
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Gender is all about Chinyemba and the women. That is what the Human Resources Officer Mr Zvobgo would say whenever l talked about gender issues. In the first bye in meeting one of the councilors was not happy about addressing gender issues he shouted out and said that â € œwhat is so special about gender â € œyet there are people with disabilities and hunger. Work has been carried out as usual at the local authority but we never really bothered to show how far it addressed gender mainstreaming. Gender imbalance was not addressed and gender stock was not taken. After the Centre of Excellency programme, as a local authority we advocated for a responsive gender budgeting that contributed to the advancement of gender equality and fulfillment of womenâ € ™s rights. We try by all means to identify and to carry out needs assessment to address gender gaps. With the little resources available we try to provide a sustainable economy to our community .We seek to advocate and educate our communities on gender issues. As a Rural district Council we are looking for ways to uplift our rural communities and improving their way of life. We try by all means to provide access to essential facilities .We are also mandated to formulate polices that address the needs of the community. Gender activities were happening and taking place in all corners but it was silent and not documented. After several trainings of various leaders and the community gender is now everybodyâ € ™s talk .Its mandatory to conscientious the community at any gathering about gender mainstreaming. Every activity done now should indicate gender equality. The communities are now gender aware and various structures put in place in all the wards to make sure that there is gender talk and gender agenda. The management is now gender sensitive, a bye inn for local leaders was done and it was a success.

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