Grootfontein Environmental Club

Date: May 22, 2015
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We as the organization have so far achieve and gain more experience, we have learn how to work in the community as well as in the with the society . Experience of how to take care of the environment, the importance of keeping and maintaining the neat and cleanest of the environment . It is very good to take care of our environment because its where we live in ,our children stays in and where the next generation will live in , maintaining the environment tidiness and cleaness will lead to good health as well as breating in fresh and clean air . By keeping the environment clean will also lead to decrease of germs form on to another.
This type of projects motivates us mere in taking care around us where we live and the area we love so to stay in , It is motivational , because it teach one the importance of the environment and the behold of it.

Download : 20668_climatechangeappplication--grootfotein-environ-youth-club.docx

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