Grootfontein Municipality striving for 50/50 Women Representative

Date: April 11, 2014
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The Municipality of Grootfontein has embarked on assisting the poor especially women living in informal settlements by providing adequate sanitation facilities such as ablution units. There are 450 plots in the informal settlement and in each household is there a maximum of eight people 15 families residing at each plot. This comes to approximately 7000 inhabitants in the informal settlement known as ‘Blikkiesdorp”.

* The council have noticed that men, women, children and even the disabled are using the
the bushes when nature calls.
* Women collect wood in nearby bushes and end up getting raped or sexually assaulted.
* Most Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases that are reported are from areas that are bushy.
* Lack of sanitation facilities leads to diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea
* Unsafe water is harmful to the human body.
* The availability of ablution units are also valuable in teaching the youth why it is necessary to use a toilet and to protect our precious environment.
* To address this problem, council had budgeted about N$8 million to expand the informal settlement area in order to accommodate all the families and well as to construct ablution units that can accommodate all gender including the disabled.
* Council has completed so far 20 units on the cost of N$1.5 million and there is still 115 units to be completed in the near future.
* So far the â € ˜Blikkiesdorpâ € ™ has been expanded with 300 plots
* The community of Blikkiesdorp is challenged with unemployment which give the council enormous financial constrain and Council need to source financial resources in order to provide basic services to Blikkiesdorp. Therefore provision of necessary basic services take long to achieve.
* The characteristic of Blikkiesdorp is mostly Sun Communities dropped by their former employers at the road side in Grootfontein

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