Date: May 22, 2015
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The group started in 2012. It is composed of 16 people. Most of the players are young people from the local tertiary College-Senwabarwana FET College. The drama group does a lot of research about the behaviour of people in the community which results in acquiring HIV/AIDS. The group also gets HIV/AIDS related topics from Life Orientation teachers in schools. The group then composes a drama that is HIV/AIDS contextualised to try to visualise the spread of HIV/AIDS to the local community. The drama is played at different levels of education i.e primary to tertiary including the community itself. It works in collaboration with Department of education, department of Health, Social Welfare and the Community at large, we achieved more since we started the organisation, the winner of 2015 award in HIV/AIDS in Bolivia which situated at Polokwane and since we started this organisation people were starting to understand how should people be treated no matter in which status ,we have changed the view of the community, our children understand what is gender justice in link with HIV/AIDS, our word of organising a specific day to be given a chance at schools and talk about this epidemic it has been granted to us now children/learners get this as like their subject which helped us to see them getting the world of understanding the role of not discriminating whereabouts HIV/AIDS status and that ’s the most precious achievement we value most, our community value what we and trust in our organisation and help to prosper in everything we do and the service we offer to them

Download : 20709_srhrhivaidsapplication-mokgawa-ma-promaster.docx

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