Husband abuses his nine year wife

Date: June 9, 2015
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The story is about a husband who had cut-off labia of his nine year wife apparently after the two had picked up a quarrel over relish. According to the victim – the wife, on this day of fate; the husband went away living nothing at home for relish until sunset when she had to resort to bambara beans for herself and children who would otherwise sleep on an empty stomach. However, as fate it would have it, this did not please the husband according to whom the wife had erred to prepare such beans and deserved tough punishment which saw him getting a knife with he pierced into his wife ’s virgina and cutting off the labia. However, in spite of being injured, until I aired the story on aired the Police moved into arrest the husband who had gone on the run fearing for his life. Luckily enough the victim survived after receiving medical attention at a local health facility which inserted a tube for urination due to the gravity of the injury into her private parts as she not pass on urine naturally. The social injustice by the husband was my biggest motivation to pursue this story to expose just a drop of the cancer that is gender based violence in the country – to me this is good example of gender in media as it portrays the power and might of the media in fighting gender disparities in the country. To a larger extent; this is good example because after airing the story the culprit was not only arrested but was later successfully prosecuted as the Police secured a conviction from what merely began as a news story on gender based violence.

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