Improved Quality Service Delivery

Improved Quality Service Delivery

Date: May 22, 2015
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Kasama Municipal Council has over the years undergone notable changes in its administrative structure. There has not been much change in the policy making body which comprises of mainly the councillors. However, as stated earlier, there has been a significant change in the administrative structure. From 2012, the Council has seen an increase in the number of women recruited by the local authority in various capacities. Further, the Local Government Service Commission has also deployed qualified female personnel that have filled up various positions such as Town Clerk, Director of Administration, Chief Administrative Officer, Procurement Officer, Senior Legal Officer and the Socio-Economic Planner.

The council has embarked on very many development Projects such as street lights, procurement of earth moving equipment ’s and 98% of the town roads that were planned to be resurfaced have been done, and several other projects are being implemented

The Council has further enabled most of the female employees to advance in their studies. This is evident as three-quarters of employees currently sponsored by Council to advance in their studies are female. As at the start of the calendar year 2014, 10 women out of a total of 12 are being sponsored by the Council in various fields of study.

Unlike in the past, there has been consideration of gender equality and women empowerment in most of the policies formulated by the Council. For instance, in the allocation of land Kasama Municipal Council has resolved to allocate 30% of every land being given to women as first priority. The rest is then given to both men and women.

Mainstreaming of gender has been intensified in various programs and activities implemented by the Council. The current existing Area Development Committees (ADCs), Resident Development Committees have adequate

female representation. Further, women have also been trained in the communities in order to play vital roles in their communities. One significant example is the existence of Area Pump Minders (APMs).
This evidence entails that there has been notable change in the operations of the Council as a result of awareness by

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