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Date: May 11, 2015
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The report has the plight of women and children to advocate for.
A case at hand, is the Apostolic Faith Church which denies its faithfuls from accessing medical attention whenever its flock falls-ill, and children, being the most of vulnerable groups are dying in silence.
The report explains the story of a little girl who had a big wound on her leg but was denied right to medical attention by her parents due to their faith or religion.
The mother of the child says she followed her husband by joining his church and so she couldn ’t do anything than just abiding by the principles the father of her children lives by.
Group Village Head-Woman Chiimire of the area says she has been against this practice as she says the family lost two other kids in the same way.
The head said despite being a woman, she stands for the rights of women and children so she took the girl to the hospital by force and engaged the police in the case.
The report also involved a Child Rights Organization and Ministry of Health who also explained against this act.
I believe this is a good example of gender in media content as it has tried to expose how women and children ’s rights are being hindered by some religious beliefs.
With the understanding that the mother of the suffering girl had no influence in the issue than just following what her husband beliefs in, I believe she represents many women who have no voice in some decisions that men make.
On the other hand, the chief being a woman too stood against this idea and helped the girl. This is a good example of some women who cannot stand abuse of women and children ’s rights.

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