Kanye Administration Authority, a centre of excellence advocating for gender equality

Date: April 17, 2015
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It was in June 2014 when the New Kanye Administrative Authority Senior Assistant Council Secretary was transferred in from Gaborone City Council. A few days after he started work he complained of the decision making positions as there were only males. He inquired on the whereabouts of women and was simply told there weren ’t any. He said ‘that cannot be possible, a decision making body has never really worked effectively without the inclusion of women ’! He insisted that something ought to be done on the situation and invited new ideas on how to improve the situation. Several months passed without any new ideas but eventually he, himself came up with a strategy to involve and delegate his power to make decision to other people as initially endorsement of any decision by management would be done by his office. A new structure was introduced and was called the ‘Cabinet ’, this cabinet composed of both males and females. This new development brought up change in decision making a possible element of biasness was carved.

As Kanye Administration Authority was introduced to the gender mainstreaming in 2013 the efforts of Council to become gender sensitive in decision making roles made sense. The Sub District has now made several efforts in mainstreaming gender as a Centre of Excellence; a gender sensitive action plan including GBV was also made. Poverty eradication projects were identified as a program to be used to mainstream issues of gender on socio economic empowerment. So far 94% of the beneficiaries of poverty eradication are women.

Download : 20393_mainapplicationcoetiroyaone-rampe.docx

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