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Date: July 6, 2015
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Mosadisejana milling project legally established in 2013 has been able to employ 10 destitute women. Following the Directive from the Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary instructing local authorities to assess and terminate able bodied and middle aged registered destitute persons and subsequently engage them in the labour intensive public works commonly known as Ipelegeng. The assessment was thoroughly done and over two (200) targeted destitute persons were terminated from the welfare programme and some were engaged under Ipelegeng programme.

Unfortunately the availability in the Ipelegeng programme did no manage to absorb all the terminated persons. Furthermore the Ipelegeng programme is not a full time employment and therefore cannot fully sustain a family. As the situation stands the burden of provision of social safety nets goes back to Council and the only available alternative became to explore possible sustainable projects which people can engage in. the council initiated the formation of the working committee or task force comprising of the relevant council management staff or stakeholders. The team has since identified projects that can be used as rehabilitation measures for the terminated group. The milling project is one amongst project initiatives that was earmarked for exploration. To Prior to the establishment of this project a bench marking exercise was carried out to explore how the Gaborone City Council managed to come up with a productive and lucrative bakery project which benefited some of orphan children and destitute persons. The bakery visited produced a maximum of 40 loaves and supplied some government schools. Having witnessed the existence of the bakery project it became a moral booster that inspired the council management to do the same and go far much on the fight against poverty.

This project has secured the Choppies market and has been listed as the major supplier of Bogobe jwa mabele and korong.Income generated from this project per order is roughly P 24 000.00

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