Kaparishi Mposhi Council

Date: May 29, 2015
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Kapiri Mposhi has slowly picked up in terms of change since it became a Centre of Excellence in 2010. There have been a number of changes that have taken place since then. When the Council was predominated by the male sex in civic leadership positions, during the 2011 Tripartite Elections, three female Councillors joined on the scene and were subsequently elected to take up civic leadership positions.

The three have had a greater impact on the decision making platform of the Council as most of them are highly enlightened than their male counterparts.

Additionally, females in management positions have really been increasing in numbers. Previously, there were only two females in management but currently there are 3 out of 11 representing 27.3% mainly because recruitment for management positions is done by the Local Government Service Commission.

There is also more participation of the male counterparts in issues that were regarded to be for women alone such as the Women International Day where more of the male folk participated. When there was an opportunity for the male fire officers to be upgraded to District Chief Fire Commandant, a woman was appointed to continue heading the section at the district council.

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