Kim Mungly – A councillor, social worker, social entrepreneur and activist in Batimarais.

Date: July 6, 2019
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Kim Mungly has been actively engaged in the projects and programmes of GL Mauritius. She has equally serve as a mentor for an entrepreneurship programme run by GL. Kim Mungly is a councillor under the District Council of Savanne. For the Voice and Choice Summit, Kim Mungly presented her NGO; the Medcare Academy which she has founded to help, support and train women.

‘I am the founder and director of Medcare Academy, a non-governmental organisation which works with vulnerable families living in regions of poverty. I also work with girls at the Rehabilitation Youth Centre and give training sessions to women. I am a councillor at the Village Council.

I am from a modest family background. Both of my parents were social workers and I inherited this passion for social work from them. Even at school, I used to share my food and clothes with my friends. I have received professional training in social work. I was recently awarded the title of 100 Most Influential Women in Mauritius.

I think of the faces of all those children who affectionately call me “mama”. Over the years, I have formed a bond with these children and I feel sick if I do not see their faces. They are my motivation. I believe that one should do social work without expecting anything in return, such as fame or publicity.

As the director of Medcare Academy, I launched a Solidarity Hairdressing & Beauty Parlour which is ran by 5 beneficiaries. I do not believe in social work which is done while sitting in a luxurious office. I get on the field and directly works with vulnerable families living in regions of extreme poverty, primarily in Riviere-des-Anguilles and Batimarais. I visit these families and listen to their stories so that I can help them.

I have seen families who work hard to escape the cycle of poverty and who have been able to stand on their own feet. However, there are some people who expect you to spoon-feed them. They themselves do not make the endeavour break free from the shackles of poverty and misuse the tools and gifts that my NGO offers them.  For example, one father used the schoolbag which was offered by Medcare Academy to go to work, instead of giving it to his child. I have a strong team behind and we now carefully assess the needs of each family through surveys’.

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