Lesotho:Kahisano Kolobe

Date: November 27, 2020
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“Accessible Education, Development and leadership”

The name of the project is WRAP it up, it is premised on the notion of wrapping things up or putting a finality to issues of unplanned pregnancy, poverty, vulnerability and sexual exploitation. This is also empowering teenagers and young mothers with skills and technical expertise to improve their competitive edge in the market place and economic status.

To increase equity and access to education, health and legal services. To offer psychosocial support as to help people or beneficiaries to cope better and become reconciled to everyday life as well as to resume their normal lives and empower those beneficiaries economically through income generating small scale projects and to secure child support or maintenance. In addition, there are regular fact finding meetings that will guide members to do the work, the legal consultations, focus group discussions and link with relevant partners.

So far the project has benefited only 10 men and 10 women. It is also reached 10 indirect beneficiaries. The number of women that secure child maintenance and are linked with different service providers. Members obtain valuable feedback and identify areas that need improvement. There are monthly reviews of the personal plans or dream charts. One other thing is that, most of the time when the members fight and advocate for the victims, they get successful results.by sending the abusers to the local court, especially those that do not want to take their responsivities on supporting their children and those who refuse to take responsibilities on their partners’ pregnancy.

There are challenges faced by the organization such as not having fully access to indirect beneficiaries, justice system working procedure and time, mistrust from potential donors due to lack of track record, human resource, covid 19 and we are not able to start our own businesses because of the high level of poverty in general as well as not being able to revisit all beneficiaries.

There are some beneficiaries who was able to continue or pursue their studies after their maternities. The psychosocial support that was given to victims was successfully received by all beneficiaries, this is because there are some who joined the project. The result of the project at moment is in women and girls’ empowerment where women have voices and choices over the economic growth.

Using beneficiary driven methods or concepts, help the project to replicate easily, in a similar way the organization involve other partners or people who are doing the same work or project.

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