Andoharanomaitso commits to comprehensive SRHR services

Date: February 26, 2019
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The Andoharanomaitso Municipality is located in the southern part of Madagascar, in the province of Fianarantsoa. The population is around 29 000 in 23 villages. The president of the council is a woman.

In 2018 Gender Links rolled out the Sunrise Campaign in the Council. Fifteen women GBV survivors joined the Sunrise Campaign to increase their agency, improve their life skills and acquire entrepreneurial skills.

In December 2018, the Municipality had a SRHR training and action planning workshop. Representative from the departments of public security, health, education, the media and local businesses attended the workshop. A local doctor and the president of Council facilitated the workshop after receiving training from GL Madagascar. The SRHR plan included the following priorities:

  • Building a sanitary block.
  • Support the woman and young woman to access SRHR services.
  • Support more women and young women who need reproductive health.
  • Sensitization at schools about reproductive health.
  • Sensitization to raise awareness in the community about family planning.
  • Sensitization about the uterine cancer vaccine.
  • Care for women with uterine cancer.
  • Sensitization on HIV and AIDS testing.

The council, basic health center and the public security services will implement the plan. The municipality will raise community awareness on SRHR through local associations. The basic health services provide the information, education and communication materials.


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