Mauritius: Centre de Solidarité Pour Une Nouvelle Vie helping to combat alcohol addiction

Date: August 17, 2018
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Centre de Solidarité Pour Une Nouvelle Vie (CDS) is an NGO created in 1988.  Its goal is to reduce drug and alcohol addiction in Mauritius.  To achieve its goal, CDS offer various services and therapeutic treatment.  We have our Prevention Unit in Curepipe, our counselling units, that is, individual, group and family based in Rose-Hill and our Residential Centre in Solitude

CDS provides treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration services to people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in day care and residential care. CDS also offers accompaniment to the parents of their beneficiaries. There is a prevention unit located in Curepipe. CDS does awareness campaigns across educational institutions and businesses and also in neighbourhoods, to talk about the harms of drugs and alcohol.

CDS works towards the respect and support human rights and non-discrimination policy.

CDS launched a «Projet Homme» which stipulates the following principles:

  • Every human has in its inner self an internal resilience, which enables him to reach beyond its present capabilities and take its life in his hands. «Toi seul le peut, mais pas seul» (only you can do it, but you cannot do it alone)

Centre de Solidarité’s vision is to see a future society where drugs has been eliminated, where ex drugs addict, ex alcoholic person and HIV/Aids patients are treated equally; where individual are not judged by other because of their past.

The mission is to eliminate the psychic and existential torments to help the person restore a healthy life and rediscover values and direction of his life. We would like to see each patient completing successfully the programme, reintegrating the society and living as every normal individual in the society.

  • Offers various services and therapeutic treatment
  • Have their Prevention Unit in Curepipe
  • Counselling units, that is, individual, group and family based in Rose-Hill and our Residential Centre in Solitude
  • Raise awareness on equal remuneration/working hours of women and men
Category Women Men Total % Women
Direct beneficiaries — yearly 200 300  500 40%
Indirect beneficiaries (e.g. through other networks) — yearly 1000 1000  2000  50%
Online beneficiaries (e.g. website access, mailing lists, scholarly articles)  500  400  900  60%
Total  1700  1700  3400  


Activities Costs 54,862.00
Cleaning Toiletteries & Maintenance 95,765.00
Food for residents 407,241.00
Insurance of Vehicle & Assets 59,262.00
Postage & Printing 40,004.00
Projects Costs 83,516.00
Rent & Security 192,207.00
Total Budget: Rs 2,033,907.00


Training Costs 47,108.00
Utility Costs 274,212.00
Vehicle running costs 275,696.00
Volunteers Costs 197,160.00

The results are measured by a monitoring and evaluation team through a Performance management system (PMS)


  • There is not always an equilibrium of gender in terms of sharing of ideas
  • Well-trained interns tend to leave after a while for another jobs

Challenges overcome:

  • Review the rewarding schemes of employees that may persuade them to stay by making use of the institution’s PMS
  • Provide staff with clarity of aims and focus on job expectation
  • Help focus on the desired results
  • Uncover training needs
  • Establish internal equity
  • Provide direction in achieving departmental goals
  • Links best practices to live organisational values

The impact made by CDS work has been at a national level whereas public was made aware of the issue of drugs in Mauritius. The impact is such that today CDS benefits from funding from corporate social responsibility as well as under governmental actions. The work of CDS may inspire other campaigns to be formed at a community-based level that aims to create a drug-free social environment

21 thoughts on “Mauritius: Centre de Solidarité Pour Une Nouvelle Vie helping to combat alcohol addiction”

Jean Fremio Casimir says:

I want to have a treatment for alcohol addiction. Please advise how can I contact you.

Anushka says:

Dear Jean Fremio Casimir,
Please call CDS on 4649980

Ravi says:

Hi i would like to get my brother treated , he is alcohol addicted , can you you please guide me , am in Canada right now , i will bear the costs, please do reply me on my email, i will be very grateful for your help , Thank you , please do give me a phone number so that i can get direct contact

Domun Babita says:

How to contact you for treatment

Jane auguste says:

Hi is it free for treatment or need to pay and how many for the treatment and did the person stay for and how many days

Jane auguste says:

For mauritius

Ren says:

Hello… I want to do treatment for my brother.. He is drug addicted.. Please help me..How much it will cost.. And Do you have the option to stay over there..


Hello I want my son to come for treatment for drug addiction he is making my life a hell all my money I’ve spent on him please help me. I will find some money if I had to pay, I cant go on any more please give me a feed back, Am ready to bring him anytime, I thank you.

Anushka says:

Please call CDS on 4649980

Anais says:

Hello , my sister is a drug addict I wanna change her . She want to change too where there’s a place to bring her ! As her husband make her became a drug addict too just for her to give him money . Plz help for god sake . Thanks

LISE says:

Hello i urgently need to speak yo someone of your team regarding my son who is addicted yo drugs since some months.

Bhavish says:

Hi. I really need a treatment for drug addiction. But it is free or i should pay for it. If yes, then how much? And where are you situated? And how can i contact you please?

Muhammad muzammil boodoo says:

I am highly addicted to smoking drugs…i desperately want to stop it without recourse to a father of 2 daughter 12 and 6 years respectively….i dont have money to go to big center for rehaab….plz help me

M.anas says:

I would like to have your mobile contact number please.thks

harry says: brother is alcohol addicted..I would like to know further details about the center..Thanks

Mikeal says:

Please you have a number phone for more information?

Ravi says:

Hello, my brother is an alcoholic and has almost lost everything. Need your help, how can we contact you.

SB says:

Hi there
I have a relative in Mauritius who is having issues with drug addiction – I need some information on services available that may provide support for him.
This would be kindly appreciated

Ashvin says:

I will like a treatment for my nephew who is alcoholic could u please let me know how to get admission and how much to pay

Nagalutchemee Punchaye says:

Hii,I have a family member who is addicting to drugs and need to proceed please??
How much to pay??

ambre says:

I will like a treatment for someone who is alcoholic could u please let me know how to get admission and how much to pay

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