Mauritius: Rotaract Mahebourg engages Children and Women through Le Bouchon Community Development Project.

Date: May 20, 2019
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The ‘’projet Learning Zone’’ has been the action project of the Rotaract Club of Mahebourg since 2015. Club members in collaboration with volunteers follow a mixed program that builds on the potential of children and consolidates the academic side. These children often have a different life and thus focusing on studies might not be of immediate action to them but the club makes sure to make these kids learn because education is the way out of almost any isses they might be having.

The objectives of the club are to:

  • Improve the skills of children in the region in the areas of basic literacy, health and creativity
  • Raise parents’ awareness of the need for support and appropriate environment for school development and children’s skills development
  • Develop sustainable actions for a better environment

Activities done by the organisation includes:

  • Renovation of the chapel as a local and development of equipment and logistics
  • Mathematics class and language (so that these youngsters have an early interest and knowledge in learning)
  • Leisure Activities and National Holiday Celebrations
  • Reading workshops for different ages.
  • Project “Hygiene for Her”
  • Home Gardening Project
  • Recreational outings
  • Adult Literacy – Using an ATM
  • Distribution of hygiene kits
  • Distribution of sanitary kits

The club has numerous partners such as InterContinental Trust , King Savers , US Embassy , Pharmacie Nouvelle , Pyramid Snack , Club Rotary Mahebourg , Club Rotaract de Rose Belle.

The benficiaries of the Club include 13 women, 15 men, which results in a total of 26.4 % of women as well as 8 women indirect beneficiaries, and 4 men.

Frequent reviews are also conducted in their personal development through observation or even via questions asked on a continual term, to parents and children.Their talents and progressions are analyzed through paintings, activities of aptitude to answer correctly to the academic questions to which they are encouraged by the members of the club.’’

The ultimate goal of the project is to make these children feel safe and catered for in the best way possible as much as they can.

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