Mauritius: The wind of Change in Savanne by a motivated Councillor

Date: August 18, 2018
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The project was initiated by Priscilla Bignoux after she delivered a course to people in the region of Souillac. The project seeks to tackle the problem of domestic violence affecting many families through training sessions.

The aim of the project was to pass a message of non-violence. It aims to preach the idea that both men and women are equal and hence should have the same rights. The project also aims to question and understand the meaning of gender. It wants to offer a platform to people so that they can voice out whenever they feel unsafe and to build a friendly community where people can share their feelings and support each other.

Priscilla Bignoux works with both adults and children. Participants were instructed to write message on non-violence. They were given the opportunity to voice out their desires, fears and insecurities.

The project directly benefited 120 people (80 women and 40 men). Its indirect beneficiaries consist of 100 women and 50 men.

In order to measure the results of the project, dialogues between and among people were encouraged. Priscilla Bignoux herself talked to each participant so that they can share their experiences.

It was difficult to approach men and to involve them in the dialogue. The subject is still a taboo and it is difficult to initiate a conversation. Each participant was given individual attention and support so as to involve them in the conversation.

Many women have been empowered. The project received media coverage and attracted the interest of the public. Changes in attitudes at individual and community level have been noted. Men and women are now working together in the domestic sphere and are both doing household chores.

Bignoux believes that education is the key and that the inhabitants should be educated so that they can bring changes in their own life.

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