Mauritius: Vent d’un Reve offering courses in music to children and promoting their holistic development.

Date: August 17, 2018
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Vent d’un Reve was founded in February 2011 and is found in Mangalkhan, Floreal. It offers courses in music and art to children and organises teaching workshops after school. It seeks to promote the holistic development of children through music and engages in community-building.

The organisation offers both theoretical and practical courses in music. Through music, it seeks to build the self-esteem and emotional intelligence of children. It aims to teach them values such as discipline and respect and to increase their level of concentration. Vent d’un Reve’s aim is to make children recognise and work on their skills and talents.

  • The children are given opportunities to take part in local and international examinations in music.
  • Concerts are regularly organised and children are offered a platform to display their talents.
  • Vent d’un Reve collaborates with several groups and institutions such as Ensemble 415, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Children Council, The Municipality of Curepipe, Barclays among others.
  • Its children participated in the celebration of 250 years of the Mauritian Police Force.
  • There has been an activity week in Reduit.
  • A peaceful march was also organized.
  • A concert of classical music was organized in Eureka.
  • Vent d’un Reve has also worked with international groups, such as Seychelles National Choir and Tianli National Orchestra.

Vent d’un Reve reaches a total of 140 direct beneficiaries, 75 girls and 65 boys. 125 families in the suburb of Mangalkhan are its indirect beneficiaries.

The total budget of Vent d’un Reve is Rs265,000, which is inclusive of transport, food, examination fees and instruments of music:

  • Transport: Rs 100,000
  • Food: Rs 85,000
  • Examination fees: Rs 30,000
  • Instruments of music: Rs 50,000

At the end of each semester, the students take part in individual auditions. Furthermore, their talents and skills are assessed through public performances. The children take part in internal and external examinations organised by the Royal School of Music and sit for both theoretical and practical examinations. There is a monthly staff meeting and each activity which has been organised is duly evaluated.

The organisation encountered difficulties in handling the high number of children and in setting up a timetable so that they can all benefit from the diverse range of courses. These challenges have been overcome through continuous dialogues among and regular meetings with teachers, children and parents.

After school, children were often left alone and unsupervised. Vent d’un Reve now organises activities for these children and offers them a platform to build a community. One of its students is now a teacher working at Vent d’un Reve itself. Two of its students are pursuing a diploma in music at the University of Mauritius. The organisation has learnt that each child is unique and necessitates a personalised teaching approach.

The project can be replicated fairly easily. Several other organisations, such as Gender Links, Caritas Mauritius and TIPA offer training courses which can be harnessed and applied. Local and international artists can be easily contacted to offer courses in music to the children.

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