Mitigating climate change through organic farming.

Date: May 28, 2014
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Zimbabwe like any other country world over is grappling with effects of climate change. Most recently Tokwe-Mukosi Dam flooding, Limpopo Flooding Tsholotho Floods droughts in some years, high environmental temperatures have been experienced in the country with varying levels of severity. In some cases lives have been lost, property destroyed animals killed and the environment was not spared. Natural and human practices have contributed to this mess and catastrophic scenario. It is the delay in realising that our human activities contribute our demise and the end result usually has no measured equal. We are committing suicide every day as a result of impact of our human practices. It took a group of men and women called Western Mountain of Hope in Kadoma to take the lead in initiating projects that help mitigate on climate change. It is time we change our human practices in order to protect our present and future lives. The group embarked on a farming project that is aimed at mitigating climate change. The farming project started in September 2013 with one family and the project has grown to a group of 9 families with adult members disaggregated as 6 women and 5 men. This group approached Kadoma City Council for registration and a possible partnership with Kadoma City Council. The modality was that organic farming needs organic waste which forms the bulk of municipal waste (60%) and this would be composited to produce the required manure and production of earth worms. This is a good practice in that municipal waste that was destined for disposal further damaging the environment can now be made useful thereby mitigating on climate change.

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