Mozambique: A new era to come

Date: January 27, 2020
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My name is Geraldo Sotomane, County of the President of the City of Mocuba, I like to view Mocuba a reference to National and no junk level.

I have as objectives: Ensuring the welfare of Residents, promote Public Health and promoting a Warm environment. My commitment to gender is to create conditions and capacities up to the end of the mandate is 50/50 according to the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. I have been focused on guiding the executive in drawing up plans that include gender, monitoring and evaluating the activities on field visits, a lot of interaction with the citizens in the Municipality neighborhoods with greater satisfaction by Executive collaboration in the execution of plans and the citizens in collaboration to keep the city of Mocuba Clean.

Regarding the removal of waste solids, the level the town council of Hygiene and make the reopening of maintenance Access Roads, repair and water supplies replenishment, placing lamps for Public lighting. And parallel to this point, I have had big gains for scoring shaping the minds of residents to follow the leadership style that we design, which are the mass of the institutions of community participation and consultation, which facilitates the inclusion in decision-making processes.

My job is to promote Participatory Leadership, which give primacy auscultation of various status of society and this consultation has impact on leadership for results that are demonstrated by the satisfaction of the citizens and the general public.

The contribution to gender equality, will always be equal opportunity for all, encouraging women to public procurement and respect the percentage promotion in the selection of the same.

And to finish for me and for the municipality the great challenge is to innovate municipal services improved increasingly online revenue collection through electronic devices and tornat the municipality a desirable model.M

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