Mozambique: An environmentally friendly project

Date: January 23, 2020
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Ecological Coal Production from Urban Solid Waste- Beira Council

Our work is based on some sustainable development objectives such as: Gender and climate change, Gender equality, Sanitation and Business opportunities for everyone. The initiative Ecological Coal Production from Urban Solid Waste consists of the collection of solid waste in different urban areas (supermarkets, residential waste, and carpentry) where the carbonization process produces ecological coal.

The Objetives are: Produce ecological coal by involving the community in the collection of solid waste for environmental sanitation; Produce coal from alternative sources without the need for logging; Contribute to the sanitation of the environment by collecting solid waste for the production of coal; Create incentives for the generation of incomes in communities through family involvement in the process of collecting solid waste and producing coal.

The work consists on Collection of solid waste (biomass); Incineration / carbonization; Crushing; Production of additives; Compaction and drying. The services rely on the contribution of urban services (solid waste collection services) that support the identification, collection and transport of solid waste.University students who individually or collectively carry out completion research in matters of coal production.

As challenges, we had to improve the quality of coal and increase its productivity.In this case, we learned that in every way we have to value and take advantage of the human and intellectual capital of our members. The project can be sustainable to the extent that the purchase and sale of coal by the community and organizations occurs, which may generate financial resources for the can be replicated in areas with an excess of solid biomass residues as a means of generating income in families, thus contributing to the sanitation of the environment.

As a priority we define the acquisition or construction of an incineration, crushing and compaction system since all the work is being done manually, as well as the allocation of a means of transport due to the dependence we have on the sectors in the collection of solid waste.

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