Mozambique: Manica- An example to follow

Date: August 8, 2018
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Mozambique: Manica- An example to follow

Anatalia Roberto Jone is a 16-year-old girl who attends the 10th grade at the Armando Emílio Guebuza Secondary School in Catandica Village, Barué District, and northern Manica Province. Her story is like that of many other Mozambican girls where family members, neighbours and acquaintances, lure girls into marrying too early or even be “raped”. According to her account, a trustworthy woman who she considered her second mother encouraged her to know a much older man.

According to Anatalia, the woman, who she did not want to identify, told her that the man had all the economic conditions including a car. The woman told her that that man would take care of her and help her family alleviate the suffering they were living, since the time her father died three years ago. Because Anatalia was aware of what her mother always advised her at home, she refused in spite of the pressure and insistence of the woman, friend of the family, until she finally met the man, but she refused to marry because she wanted to study, and get a job to support her family. However, the information of the enticement reached Mrs. Jenny Pita Matono, Anatalia’s mother.  Mrs. Matono, who knew her rights, filed a complaint at the police in the office for victims of domestic violence. Anatalia’s mother asked the authorities to neutralize the two accused individuals, who were taken to the police.

One is an older man, divorced, father, and resident in the province of Tete. However, Anatalia’s mother chose to forgive both the woman who enticed the girl and her accomplice, on the condition that they would never again commit the same crime with Anatalia or any other girl. With that the authorities closed the case. Anatália Roberto Jone’s mother is considered as a very strong mother.

At her own initiative, she was able to acquire a plot of land where she started to build a bricks house in the Sanhanthunzi neighborhood. The idea of the lady, who has been a widow since 2001, is to put her three daughters (one in the 12th grade, the other in the tenth and the third in the ninth grade) next to the secondary school (since they come from the Choa), so that as soon as they finish they can continue with vocational training and then get a job that guarantees their livelihood. In this process, it was fundamental the intervention of the Social Action sector of the District of Barue, which supported in supplying some construction materials to help erect the T1 house.

Anatalia’s mother appeals to all mothers and fathers to let their daughters continue to study, even if they are living in poor conditions or even if the girls have been subjected to rape, because education is the only way to guarantee their future and of their families.


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