MunicÁƒ ­pio de Chibuto pela Igualdade de GÁƒ ©nero

Date: May 13, 2014
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The council has the draft of the Gender Policy, Gender Mainstreaming Action Plan, and Gender Based Violence Action Plan in place.
As a way to enhance and value gender equality, the Chibuto Municipality, began with the drafting of the Gender Policy and is currently under discussion between the two municipal bodies the council and the assembly. This instrument will somehow respond to many situations of discrimination against women at the workplace, it will serve as a tool to deal with cases of sexual harassment.
In order to empower women, the Chibuto Council privileges both sexes. The process of the allocation of land for housing , in 2010 , created a zone of expansion in the Neighborhood Chimundo in which 50 % of 370 were destined for women.

It should be noted that part of the Action Plan of the City Council , to ensure the distribution of 150 plots of total 300 land in the expansion zone still on the process. These figures shows clearly that by 2015, 50 % of women will have access to land
The Chibuto Council ensures gender equality in capacity building. After undergoing training with Gender Links, the City began to increasingly focus the allocation of scholarships to women

Key objectives

â € ¢ Involvement of women and men in the management and decision making
â € ¢ Improve the procedures for the access to land, specially to women
â € ¢ To increase the education quality
â € ¢ Encourage local residents to the green revolution and Livestock Development. The creation of agricultural associations mainly comprised by women
â € ¢ Improve the sanitation environmental system
â € ¢ To promote the women ethics and values within the society through awareness campaigns

Key activities
â € ¢ Construction of economic and social infrastructure
â € ¢ Popularization of the Gender Policy with 14 Neighborhoods that consists of the City of Chibuto
â € ¢ To build a health center in Samora Machel Neighborhood
â € ¢ Build a Market in Chimundo Neighborhood where women will benefit from 65% of the stalls
â € ¢ The Council will work with local banks for their funding to benefit female heads of families ensuring take care of the family
â € ¢ Allocate 150 plots of land extending 300 plots at the Chimundo village as a way to ensure equal opportunities for men and women

Women empowerment

The Council provides training for employees after recruitment and selection.
There is a case of a woman who benefited from training before starting to perform her duties, the institution paid for het training on secretariat that lasted three months, currently acting as the secretary of the President of the Municipal Council of the City of Chibuto
Women to the Council Chibuto level, beyond the capabilities outside the workplace, benefit from internal training in coordination with the District Services of Education, Youth and Technology. The council has a case of 25 women, who benefited from sanitation environmental system Literacy and Adult Education, which will enable them to improve their form of intervention in the work of day-to-day, in addition to acquiring skills, thus enabling

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