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Date: July 5, 2018
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Rehoboth Town Council is situated in the central Namibia just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. This council aims to provide professional and efficient services to all its clients. The Rehoboth Town Council former deputy Mayor won 2010 Mayoral awards at the first ever Local government Summit. The councillors are all new and were elected in 2011.

As part of gender related policies, serious awareness platforms have been created and resolved upon, on which women’s issues such as equality, safety, economic empowerment and others will be addressed. The HIV/AIDS Work Place Policy is in existence as an intervention of Alliance of Majors OnHIV/Aids in Africa (AMICAAL). The council has only male councillors.

The council work that is being done by the employees include training as peer educators and focal persons. Financial constrains regarding workshops or trainings and campaigns are straightened out seeing that budgetary provision is made for Wellness. The funds must be used as it is budgeted for. Campaigns must be on Wellness plans throughout the year. Gender stakeholders must plan together for campaigns and plans must be monitored in order to work accordingly. Between 0 and 25% women partake in the public consultations.

Of the council’s total workforce, 18% women, 52% men, 26% youth and 4% people with disabilities (PWD). There is only four women in the management, and they are part of the group within the council that is being trained as the peer educators.

There are provisions for maternity leave and paternity leave. Maternity leave takes three months while paternity only takes a month. There are no policies against sexual harassment within this council. Hence, if such cases are reported, the council informs the police to deal with the case.

 Rehoboth Town Council does not have a budget line to promote gender equality in 2016. However, in 2015 the council allocated budget of about $66 000 to promote gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change.

The council has employed 34 men, 23 women, 23 youth and 12 PWD as part of assisting them to gain stable income. There are no markets stalls within the council as part of the local economic development plan. Hence, jobs creation is currently the only way people receive income.

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