Nathalie Didier: The Humble Voice of Change

Date: October 9, 2019
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Nathalie Didier, the voice of change, describes herself as a powerful woman who is trying to empower the citizens of Mauritius through the work that she does as a radio presenter at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. She is powerful because she can bring a change in the lives of people through the programmes that she presents.

Having a career spanning 20 years, Nathalie is a woman who works hard for twelve hours a day and who has been endeavouring to break the ceiling constantly. Persuading people to consider her ideas is a big challenge but she does not accept defeat and keeps moving forward. Her husband and her daughter are the persons who are always supporting and encouraging her to cross any hurdles on her path. Her biggest victory was when she was given the opportunity to present a programme which was generally presented by only men, which for her, was an indication that she has been able to change the mindset of people.

Nathalie also believes that it is important to be involved in community work to know what is happening around and to be exposed to the real truth. She tries to bring forth this truth through the programmes that she presents. Recently, she covered the poignant story of a woman who has been raped.

Hope is what keeps Nathalie going and which brings positivity in her life.

The message that this strong woman has for the youth is to not venture into the dark world of drugs and to instead, explore the world of sports or that of spirituality.

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