Date: May 11, 2015
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practice, is the process of re do or doing what you learning or what you have in mind in order for you to must it. “practical makes improvement”
my practice since i started i got a lot of the changes to me as well to my family, communities.
the best practice related to the chosen themes beocuse of the following
it will proved the fact, a good practice must comes with the fact of the program, or any thing you do for the audience and by that reason tend to make a lot of the audiences to be trust you not only me but also the radio i work that make the radio and i to be credible
Also, the best practice related to the chosen themes due to fact that it support the hard work, this practice of the journalist it needs serious people with have ambition of helping the audience so the chosen themes will be have both introduction, middle and end because the person will be more serious in reporting or narrate the story to the audience
the following are the impacts of the best practice
first it create motivation in doing this jobs, the best practice will create the journalist work with all heart in order to fulfill the organization goals as well as him or herself goals
moreover the best practice will led to the journalist to meet deadline, this practice it base on the day to day activities people work under pressure in order for them to meet deadline and the audience to get what is prepared regardless of the organization problems
moreover to increase the audience, the media organization will increase the audience day to day when real practice this from the heart because they will always have the facts a lot of analysis and they will always wait for the program and this will led the organization have a lot of the advertisement and increase the profit.
further more the best practice will led the the journalist to be active in any time they needed to be at work will led them be there and doing they actives as they needed to do
not only the above but also the best practice will help the journalist to focus on equality and to guided by the journalist codes of the ethics such as truth, balancing of the story and soon and result of this will made the journalist be the journalist of the people or for the audience and not for the advertising, the owner, Government or the politician who most of them bribe.
Generally, the best practice must be encourages by media house, media organization such as Media council in Tanzania because they will help the journalist and media house to have the above positive impact which result to the audience like the journalistic work and reduce the stereo tying of a lot of people to not trust the media and take it as a cheap things and not as professional.

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