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Date: April 10, 2014
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Oshakati is one of the oldest towns in Northern Namibia, just like any other town in Namibia have been male dominated both politically and administrative leadership.

In recent years the situation is changing as gender advocacy is taking centre stage and behavioural change in women to view all position in political and administrative structures as not only fit for men only ,for example technical jobs were regarded as male only , as change of behaviour in women to study towards technical qualification and challenging technical positions
a paradigm shift in balance that has bought about a great influx of women into key decision and policy making positions within the political and administrative arena .
Women in Oshakati are most involved in informal trading about 80% are doing business in informal markets and street corners exposed to elements of natures and poor sanitation . This situation prompted council to identify a suitable piece of land to construct an open market to provide women with a conducive trading environment and improve their income level as at the new Open Market will provide for well demarcated stalls and ablution facilities. As income levels rises women will afford basic needs and be able to pay for municipal services, this will also boost the local economy.

With our women fairly represented in all structure of the Council has paved the way for many aspiring young and old women to actively participate in the economy of Oshakati and thus she has helped to break the glass ceiling that had previously discouraged and discriminated against gender equality.

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