Our  guest on TWR

Our guest on TWR

Date: May 22, 2014
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The item comes through a weekly personal profile programme called Our Guest on TWR. It features people of influence coming from different backgrounds. It aims at providing listeners an opportunity to learn something through and from oneâ € ™s life. It is presented in English and Chichewa with questions alternating by language in-order to give both language listeners an opportunity to hear the guest.

As a producer I decide who to feature each week and an attempt is made to alternate guests by sex each week. Depending on the guest, the questions basically focus on who the person is, what they do, something about their family, faith and humour.

Pastor Agape Mpama was featured because of her prominence in being a content provider for Nkhomaliro Ya Mau programme on TWR. This is a daily lunch-hour programme in Chichewa which features at least 35 minutes of Bible teaching and preaching. From January 2013, she became the first woman preacher/teacher in Nkhomaliro Ya Mau. Since January 2001 when Nkhomaliro Ya Mau was introduced, no woman had been part of the team-only male pastors were contributors. This programme has been known to be the most popular on TWR every year.

Her personal journey was unique and inspirational so I thought many listeners would benefit by understanding her personal attributes and qualifications for the programme. Most importantly having seen her on the Nkhomaliro Ya Mau, we wanted to demonstrate that women pastors have the ability to deliver. I was certain that listeners wanted to hear more about â € œthis lady that preaches on TWRâ € ™s Nkhomaliro Ya Mauâ € .

Download : 18916_mediacontentapplication1stwomanpastorontwrvkaonga.doc

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