Provision of Low Cost Housing

Date: May 25, 2014
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Brief description of the good practice and motivation as to why it is a good practice? â € ¢ Community members are coming to office on daily basis and request local authority to provide them with low cost housing. â € ¢ Members with low income canâ € ™t afford to buy houses in town. â € ¢ Government employers who qualified for loans canâ € ™t buy houses in town because of the increasing cost of housing. â € ¢ With decentralisation more government offices are decentralize and inhabitants of Mariental increase so the services must increase to keep tract with town development. â € ¢ People are building sacks with any available material and when fire starts, it is difficult for fire fighters to extinguish the fire. â € ¢ As regional capital of the Region, people migrate from rural areas for possible employment opportunities.

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