Quatre Bornes Municipal Council

Quatre Bornes Municipal Council

Date: June 13, 2019
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Name of good practice Quatre Bornes Municipal Council: Inclusion of women at the decision-making level to achieve gender equality
Country Mauritius
Name of good practice Quatre Bornes Municipal Council: Inclusion of women at the decision-making level to achieve gender equality
Category LG COE Urban Council
 Title  Inclusion of women at the decision-making level to achieve gender equality
Result Statement The council serves a population of 75, 884, in which 37, 306 male and 38, 578 female. 35 % of concillors in Quatre Bornes are women. Thus they occupy a lot of the seats in the decision making process leading to a diversion from the stereotypical Patriarchal Society.

The positions occupied by the women in Quatre Bornes are the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairperson Executive Committee, Chairperson Ethics Committee, Chairperson Permits and Business Monitoring Committee, Vice Chairperson Welfare Committee, Vice Chairperson Public Health Committee​.

Context The council of Quatre Bornes consists of 14 % of women in this particular department, 42% of female in the management department and 15.50 % of overall female council staff members. Quatre Bornes has their gender Champion  Mrs Soolekha Jepaul – Raddhoa​ who has inspired a lot women.

Most of the meetings of the Council are chaired by female again ensuring equality in terms of decision making. The administrative team consists of about 42 % female.  Quatre Bornes has a high female participation percentage in terms of council decision making.

Key Actions The Quatre Bornes Municipal Council, together with the Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands have worked on a Gender Policy Document and participated in a validation workshop organised in July 2018.

Women Councillors have also participated in many workshops and training programs. The latest being training at the Independent Commission against Corruption and Dialogue on the promotion of Women’s Participation in politics .

Officers of this Council have also been given training on observatory on parenthood and other validation workshops such as Consultative Meeting on the Gender Equality Bill.

  • The Municipal Council has put its premises free of charge at the disposal of “Centre Solidarite Maman” an NGO who take care of infants so that their mother can work to earn a ​
  • Council runs free preprimary schools in different regions of the town​
  • Free Access is given to female sports team to practice sports and represent the town at the national and international level​

In terms of climate Change and Sustainability, the Council has through other organisations included youth involvement in the preservation of the environment.​

  • Embellishment of a park and provision of security cameras in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy at Ebene along river reserve.​
  • The Council puts its lorry manpower and equipment that the disposal of universities and schools for cleaning and embellishment.​
  • A recent cleaning campaign was also organised at Residence Kennedy and Pere Laval. ​

The Council puts its collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Quality of life to promote SRHR. ​Women, men, people living with disability have access to Municipal Centres​

Youth are encouraged to participate in activities. Ecole de foot, ecole de badminton, karate classes, etc to prevent youngsters from being entangled in drug addiction and other illicit activities.​

Partners The Ministry of Local Government
Strategies The Council is taken several actions towards the prevention of violence through the creation of public awareness for the right of children, on SRHR and PWD. 
How many US$ have been allocated per area.
Gender specific allocation Gender in mainstream projects Amount contributed in cash or in kind by partner organisations
Rs 125,000
Please explain who the donor/partner was and what they contributed in relation to the in kind contributions you mentioned above. N/A
  • No funding from other stakeholders
  • Strongly- embedded patriarchy, “de facto” discrimination still persists in Mauritian society
  • Low public response- not enough awareness
Immediate results and next steps
  • Women, men, people living with disability have access to Municipal Centres
  • In the administrative area of Quatre Bornes the Municipal Council has only 5 housing units which are being sold to existing tenants at a nominal fee of Rs 2000. Municipal Council unit sold are done without any discrimination
  • Council runs free preprimary schools in different regions of the town
Long term Impact The various facilities put in place including the infrastructure will be used in a sustainable manner to promote gender equality and mainstream gender in all the activities of the council
Learning and how this will be applied Continue the advocacy for more women at the decision-making level to bring forward gender on the agenda. Also including male councilors and getting their buy-in
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