Radio One aiming at the empowerment of women and young girls

Date: October 9, 2019
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Following a series of reported cases of violence amongst minors, Rita Venkataswmy, Ombudsperson for Children, explained that the root of the problem is the lack of responsibility and understanding of parents.

The story of Luckcheeta was narrated because she is one of the examples that not every child that has had a bad start in life are doomed to have the life of a drug addict or be jobless.

We wanted to know what is being done to help these parents to raise their children and who is giving them the tools necessary to do so. Atelier Gordon Parents Efficaces is an NGO that focuses on the parents while the Full Day School focuses on teaching the teenagers to me more comprehensive. The story was written while there were some issues with violence in a shelter and we became aware of the negative image people have of shelters and children who have grown up in one.

And also encourage the audience to review their judgement on these children and understand that not all children there are violent.

The rationale behind the story has been as followed:

  • Everyone should be aware of the increase in violence amongst teenagers.
  • Parents aware that they could get guidance and the skills required.
  • Children aware that they can solve problems without violence.
  • Understand that we should not generalise certain people.

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