Research on the causes of GBV

Date: May 23, 2015
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The work that was done and the prevention of violence against children and adults, protection of children’s rights in accordance with the “Convention Relatives aux Droits de l’enfant” which was signed by Madagascar and the work is doneenquete interviewed went to the grassroots, from the Fokontany to the District and Region and done all sorts enquete example of the people of the church, to make the chief Fokontany,Chief District Courts, the judges, the gendarmes, police, rebellious children, all parents and Society, etc., finding out what their children ditran’ireo male or female, what sanctions should be given to themwhen they do so include, but not necessarily immediately put behind bars, but to redo it, other penalties are to be rehabilitated and return to do it again because from prison often

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