Rewarding Kadoma City Gender Drivers 2015

Date: May 22, 2015
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Kadoma City is a Gender Centre of Excellence. Gender mainstreaming activities are being done and the council has established a Kadoma Gender Coalition to coordinate local gender initiatives. In 2014, thirteen participants from the City took part in the Summit and tremendous hard working made the participants to come up with good results. The Council have seen to it that participation should be voluntarily and any member willing to participate was welcomed with openness. Participation was done by council officials and junior councillors. Upon returning home with best results, the team was awarded excellence in different categories namely in leadership, GBV, Climate Change as well as centres of excellence. Prizes were hand over to Gender Champions as a way of appreciating the good works done.

Drama and traditional dances were part of the entertainment held on the function. The day also happen to commemorates 16 days of activism against gender-based violence and it was a success as evidenced by a large number of females formally abused by their husbands willing to share their stories and now is living in harmony without the fear of their husbands. Moreso, some of the women has started to work on their own with projects initiated by their ward councillors. It ’s not only woman who are abused but also man hence the number of man and boys increases and this make ways in challenging the cultural stereotypes and attitudes in the prevalence through education-based programming. The ceremony also drives other participants in taking part in the next GBV Summit

Download : 20737_main-applicationending-gender-based-violence-and-post-2015fatuma-tembo.doc

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