Date: May 23, 2015
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Association of farmers Esperance Sakaramy including farmers organizations in Toliara II, which grouped 22 for the Union and form a strong network SOA within a national network in Antananarivo. The AFDI (Agriculteur Francais et Développement International) within Britain presiding NGOs us. Technical assistance activities that are not spiritual, financial or material assistance. Farmers 8 is attached to Esperance and 4 females, 4 males. As farmers, cattle, poultry, fish, gardens, rice and fruit trees are doing. Not all economic combined coverage for each country and each has the Activity. Yelena such as a full member of Esperance and the body responsible for small farming: aquaculture fish, vegetables and the Auberge. But my wife will take care of the cattle, rice and fruit trees. Barefoot and the effectiveness of it, but we do not contradict each other and complementary. Mutual members answer your hands or “Welfare”, which can not be able fatam baskets of rice.

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