Date: May 25, 2015
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Ruwa is situated some 25 kilometres east of Harare along the Mutare Highway and railway line. It is under the Harare Metropolitan Province. Ruwa receives average to above normal rainfall during the rainy season. Ruwa has a population of 56 678 according to the 2012 census. Ruwa is divided into 9 wards with nine representative Councillors. Out of the nine councillors two of them is are women . Ruwa Local Board is managed by seven members. Out of the seven managers two of them are ladies being the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Finance. The council has two hundred and thirty six (236) employees and out of them forty nine (49) are ladies. This shows that Ruwa is putting into consideration the 50/50 gender balance. The council prides itself in being and equal opportunities employer as considerations are given to both males and females.

Key objectives *

Our main key objectives are to:-
– Increase council ’s level of awareness 50/50 gender balance and to make sure there is a gender policy in council and it is implemented
– To increase the representation of women councillors in the next elections.
– To ensure that women are equally represented in leadership position in the council
– To educate communities and raise awareness about the importance of women ’s equal representation in local councils
– To empower women councillors to advocate for gender equality
– To empower men on gender issues and mobilise their support
– To ensure that women and men participate equally whether in community or government matters.
– To facilitate access to equally employment opportunities.
– To ensure that women are consulted about their needs when drawing up Council plans
– To ensure women and men have equal access to financial resources
– To ensure that women and men have equal access to new technologies for improving their efficiency of their enterprises
– To ensure women have equal access to housing.
– To educate women and men on voluntary counselling and testing which is a powerful tool for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS
– To increase the number of women employed by council
– To address issues of sexual harassment in the council
– Increase the awareness campaigns of Gender Based Violence in the community.

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