Summit 2016 – Blouberg Municipality COE

Date: September 14, 2018
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The area is prone to frequent drought, which has an adverse effect on the local economy. The only perennial river is the Mogalakwena River, which feeds the Glen-Alpine Dam, the only source of pipeline water in the area. Blouberg has a population of 162 629 people.

The council has a total of 47 councillors. Of those councillors, 25 are male and 22 are female. The Mayor of the council is a male and the Deputy Mayor is a female.

The council has 13 committees, by which seven of those are chaired by women. Women, people with disabilities (PWD) and youth above actively participate in the council work. They participate in Youth Council forum meeting, Disability Council forum meeting, Women council forum and community based organisation meetings. Approximately 51 and 75 percent women partake in public consultations, like awareness campaigns.

The council has four months’ provision for maternity leave and one month for paternity leave. The council gives up to five days for family responsibility. The council is disability friendly. There are ramps for wheelchair users.

Below is the budget allocated by the council to support gender related projects.

Category Budget 2015 Budget 2016
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision-making and public participation $3 900 789 $5 600 406
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices $38 303 $48 720
Resources allocated to gender-responsive local economic development $106 362 $12 606 560
Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change $12 410 $28 034

There are hawkers market stalls within the council as part of the economic development plan. The council also sets up workshops and capacity building trainings on how to become a successful entrepreneurs.

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