Sally Nyakanyanga

Date: May 23, 2015
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Commuter bus terminals in Zimbabwe are slowly becoming the new battlegrounds in an undeclared war against women. Often, small gangs of touts pounce on women and girls at bus stations in major cities, accuse them of indecent dressing and sometimes strip them naked in public

Women and girls being stripped at commuter omnibus ranks has been a daily occurrence in most rank and as such going unnoticed. Neither the police nor society took notice of such a gruesome act perpetrated against women girls at commuter omnibus ranks. Again, the gender based violence story, has been told from a women ’s perspective, leaving out very important stakeholders, which are men. Men ’s involvement is imperative as they let the society understand such practises from a man ’s perspective which is rarely given space in our media.

This story highlights the plight of women and girls in Harare, who are stripped for allegedly wearing mini-skirts and tight fitting outfits which are said to be indecent in public. Both the men ’s voice and the women ’s voice are given a voice in tackling gender based violence. Though it could have been good if the touts and rank marshals caught in the act of stripping these women were included but this reporter could not manage to reach them by the time of going to print.

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