Date: June 13, 2019
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Name of good practice Savanne District Council: Driving the Gender Agenda
Country Mauritius
Name of good practice Savanne District Council: Driving the Gender Agenda
Category LG COE Rural Council
 Title Savanne District Council: Driving the Gender Agenda
Result Statement The District Council of Savanne has some strong insights and their slogan is ‘’LIVING WITH DIGNITY, GENDER EQUALITY, ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE, EMPOWERING OF WOMEN, ABUSE AWARENESS’’.
Context The district serves a population of 80, 000 people. The council has launched a citizen support portal where people with different issues can come forward and seek help with the council and where the council will help them as much as they can.
Key Actions The council has 5 main priority areas of intervention that are: Climate change, Development, Business facilitation, Entrepreneurship and Gender-Based Violence.

These are the main focus of the council and they have a steering committee that guides them to achieve all the goals. They recently help a workshop targeting women’s rights in order to sensitise and increase awareness of women’s rights. They believe that by doing so, the women who acquire this knowledge will transcend what they know to other women and men in the locality in order to spread the word on women’s rights.

The Savanne District council has in the past achieved a lot of Awards regarding Women’s rights along with their gender champion.

The council also focuses on climate change and have carried out a sensitizing programme whereby they taught women and men the importance of saving water.The council promotes health by organising sports and dance competitions where the locals can come and take part in irrespective of gender and age. A march against violence was organised in Souillac where local people took a stand against violence.

Partners The Ministry of Local Government
Mauritius Telecom
Strategies Since the Council is very much dedicated to achieve all the 5 goals set up especially the gender based violence, they have a steering committee that will ensure that the work is being done and changes are being made in order to remedy the situation at large. The Council of Savanne is the only Council in Mauritius to have set up a Gender Committee.
How many US$ have been allocated per area.
Gender specific allocation Gender in mainstream projects Amount contributed in cash or in kind by partner organisations
Rs 75,000 – Rs 50,100,000 – Contribution by Partners : MUGA
Please explain who the donor/partner was and what they contributed in relation to the in kind contributions you mentioned above. N/A
Challenges  Funding
Immediate results and next steps
  •  Networking and teamwork
  • Learning and Partnering with respect to Best Practices
Long term Impact
  • The Council has planned to train new councillors and encourage more female candidates for the coming elections
  • The Council will continue to be part and support the 16 days campaign against violence and the goal of gender equality in their main areas of intervention will always be on the agenda
  • The Council will be more cautious and engage in sex-disaggregated data at all levels
  • Rolling out of Strategic Plan and Code of Conduct and other policy documents
Learning and how this will be applied In allocation of resources Council considered the following:

  • –Financial position of council
  • –Vulnerable Groups
  • –Improvement of Service Delivery for example water, sewerage  and Health
  • –Re industrialisation efforts
  • –Liquidity crunch
  • –Unemployment
  • –Government funding
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