Sexism Business in the Media a Reality

Date: May 19, 2015
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This material is a Radio Magazine program titled Sexism Business in the Media a Reality. The program also exposes scenarios where media houses are attempted to advertise materials that perpetuate gender stereotype, subtle forms of sexism and discrimination and do not reflect women in their diverse roles just because the media want to generate money for day to day activities. The program discusses what a certain female broadcaster gone through , when a certain co mpany approached a certain media house to produce a radio advert promoting a certain type of condom . This young lady was among people to do the advert but to her surprise there was a lot nude and sensational word on her part. The script of the advert asked her to speak as if she is with her husband making love in the bed. With friends they did the advert to but to their surprise the client (the company) returned it saying the girl in the comedy was not such impressive the wanted the advert to be done again. But this young lady denied saying that what she presented was her best and she challenged her boss and the client to look for another person to cover her place in the advert regardless of the money the client was ready to offer. We find the case to be a motivation one because research worldwide, including audience research in the southern Africa, shows that women are a potential growth market especially for the print media which is more economically vulnerable. As a result women are an increasingly growing target audience for advertisers. And you are going to see that advertisers mostly use images, audio materials and other things of women to copy customers. This is a threat to their rights and well being when the media output degrade women especially in areas of entertainment and advertising as the media is one of the powerful tool for influencing societal attitude and perception. This is also a best practice in the media content because it is exposing the sexism business in the media and also calls for media literacy whereby consumers understand the types of information and its availability, to enable them to make informed decision about programming, articles,music,images they listen to view and read.

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