Social Ills Eradicators

Date: May 17, 2015
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As we are from a deep rural area where the bigger part of the community is living under severe poverty condition, high crime rate, less information about educational channels and many other social related challenges, we as the youth from the community have decided to form an organisation (Social Ills Eradicators). The ultimate motive for us to form this organisation was to work against these illnesses that are emerging from the community. Since the organisation (SIE), was formed by the youth from Ga-Mothapo, we decided to work together with the royal house in order to make our organisation recognisable in the community and to improve the level of interaction. Working together with the traditional authority, we are able to utilise the community hall for our events and again it is easy for us to spread the message to the community. Since we formed this coalition, our membership has almost been doubled by the new hardworking, creative and innovative members from the community. The effectiveness of this organisation is helping to reduce those above-mentioned illnesses and again creating a conducive living environment open and uplifting hopes of the young people.The organisation further remains the greatest platform for youth engagement and information sharing, whilst making much needed difference through its charity wing termed. “By the youth for the youth ”.

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